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farfetched - about us
About Us
Simply put, we love dogs. We love them for their independent spirit, their joyous souls, their loyal hearts and the fact that some of them can carry five tennis balls in their mouth at the same time. We are uplifted by their seemingly endless desire to run, stretch, and play for the ultimately simple reward of running, stretching, and playing.

So we've run with the idea that dogs, like people, enjoy the finer things in life. We've stretched our minds to develop clever, inventive and intelligent products without sacrificing style. And now, for people and pooches alike, it's time to play... because if you haven't learned the importance of fun from your favorite furry friend, you probably haven't been paying attention.
At farfetched, we envision a world in which dogs and people can run, stretch, and play together with style, imagination, and flair. We foresee an inventive world of clever products that provide our canine compadres with the finest in lifestyle enhancements without sacrificing an ounce of the playfulness and joy that abounds in the heart of every dog. We invite you to run, stretch, and play in our world.

At first the idea may seem farfetched. We hope so.

Photos left to right: Lula, Tucker and Allie